Frequently asked questions and other Info


How much is the deposit? Is it refundable and how quick will I have to pay it?

It is advisable to pay the deposit as soon as you make your final decision. This deposit secures the date for your booking. The deposit is $800 and is non refundable. With reasonable notice we can move the date (if free) with no additional charges :)

When do I have to pay the whole amount?

The outstanding amount is due at least 2 weeks before the wedding date. I can also help with a payment plan.

How about same -sex marriage?

Don’t see why not

Will we have a catch up before the wedding? 

Ideally! Always love hearing how you are going to plan your day. Having the chance to catch up also gives us a chance to discuss important things and oh course break the ice so it’s not just a complete stranger taking our photos

Where are you based?

Well I live in Dunedin.. however I wouldn’t say that I’m strictly a “Dunedin wedding photographer” as such. I’ve shot more in Central Otago than anywhere else and have been as far south as Invercargill and as far north as Rangiora

When will I receive my photographs?

Not to sound cliche but good things do take time. Generally 4-6 weeks and within 48hours you’ll receive a preview of around 30 photos